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Goose and Duck shooting holidays, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

The Orkney Islands are located off the North-East tip of the Scottish Mainland.  They consist of a large nuber of islands of which Orkney is the largest.  There are 70 islands and only 20 of these are inhabited.  Orkney island consists of West Mainland and East Mainland with an area of 523 square miles.

The mild climate and very fertile land make it very good farm country, with large fields of grass, barley and wheat.  This suits the greylag and pink-footed geese and duck which migrate to the Orkenys every year in their thousands.  Indeed the greylag population is increasing with 70,000-80,000 recorded yearly.

Shooting consists of morning flights, usually decoying geese on the feeding grounds and then evening flights for duck on splashes and ponds.

Come to Orkney for a wonderful experience.