About Us

Welcome to the Orkneys, a paradise for wildfowl and for the sport of wildfowling.

The islands of Orkney have abundant wild geese and duck populations. It is a wild and varied land with numerous wild and beautiful habitats. There are bays, marshes, lochs, splashes and extensive fields of grass and grain in this rich environment.


There are few trees on these islands, plenty of heather on the hills. Grouse live here. Greylag, Pinkfeet, Wigeon, Mallard and Teal are numerous.   Pheasant, Woodcock, Snipe are also very common. There are no foxes on these islands.

A typical days shooting:

Day starts 5am.
Meet up with guns.
Set up decoys in darkness and set up hides.
Wait for a new day to begin.

This is my favourite time of day, early morning. There is so much to see and hear as the world wakens. Far in the distance I can hear the geese calling as they also awaken. They are hungry and as soon as it gets light enough they will rise from their night time roost and head for their chosen field to feed.


It is the anticipation of waiting, wondering will they come our way this morning, are the hides in the right position, decoys etc., that make this sport so facinating and unpredictable. Hence the phrase Wild goose chase.

After morning flight a quick breakfast, then out again for recce for next mornings flight. Evening flight out again at 3.30 pm to flight duck and geese.


There is a gun shop in Kirkwall. Shearers have a wide range of cartridges and heavy loads up to 10 bore. They also have all the camo clothing required.

They are located in centre of Kirkwall not far from the Cathedral. 71Victoria St., Kirkwall.